A group Thirty-six was rescued by the Kent coastguard after they got stranded by the rising tide during an evening trip. 

34 boys and 2 adults

Without the group realizing the tide began to rise and before they could react nearly all of them were trapped on the coastal path between St Margaret’s Bay and Dover harbor.

The group from Ahvas Yisroel community centre in Stamford Hill, north London managed to contact the coastal guard just on time and eventually used the torches on their mobile phones as beacons for the boats and helicopters to locate them.


By 11 pm all members of the group were finally rescued from different locations. 31 people got rescued by the coastal guard and fled the tide on the boats while 5 other had to be picked up by helicopters. None of the people were injured or required medical treatment of any kind.

According to Mark Finnis from Dover RNLI coxswain the group was lucky to be rescued in time since they were in ‘great danger’. The cliffs around the area are known to be treacherous and big builders are known to fall from the cliffs sides into the sea, especially during stormy weather.

The Dover lifeboat station says that this incident should be seen as a warning sign of how easy it is to get cut off by the tide while taking a seemingly ‘simple’ walk outside along the beautiful yet dangerous coastline.

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