Historical and Modern Kent is surrounded with Spectacular Natural Beauty

the garden of england

Source: The garden of England

Kent is the home of impressive architecture from eras past as well as an impressive amount of agriculture that gives it the name The Garden of England. Just 25 miles from London, Kent offers a green and calm realm with rolling landscape, woodlands, fields and farmland as well as orchards, hop gardens and charming villages where flowers are taken very seriously.

The castles alone offer a glimpse of England from William the Conqueror and earlier. The three castles he built at Dover, Canterbury and Rochester can still be seen. Dover Castle was begin in 1066, but finished by Henry II in 1170. Garden hunters will enjoy Scotney Castle. Considered to have one of the best gardens in the country, it surrounds the moated ruins of the 14th century castle.

Kent is also the home of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Kent Downs stretches from the Surrey border to the cliffs of Dover. It contains three river valleys and other distinctive landscape elements.

As the closest point to the European mainland, Kent has many ports including Folkestone, Dover, Chatham and more. Along with the ancient and modern maritime activity, there are many famous shipwrecks in the area.

Along with an overwhelming amount of historical significance and amazing horticulture, Kent offers plenty of other things to interest and entertain visitors. The Wildlife Heritage Foundation with its Big Cat Sanctuary and the many walking tours through picturesque villages, rolling countryside and historic buildings are just a few of the attractions that make Kent a popular destination.