Kent_garden_of_englandKent Garden of England is a paradise of rolling landscapes, farmland, fields, woods and a variety of family entertainment. It contains historic architecture as well brilliant orchards, villages and gardens. It is home to an array of beautiful flowers.

Its natural splendor is a draw for photographers both professional and novice. It would be hard to leave the camera in your bag when you’re walking the Kent Downs, a widening countryside that joins the sea at the Dover cliffs. There are archaeological remains that have been in place for centuries. Nature lovers will find Kent’s gardens and greenery irresistible. You can capture the most picturesque river valleys on film. Go into the Sevenoaks or Tonbridge to see the amazing woodlands.

Canterbury Castle

Canterbury Castle

Kent is home to a number of ports with many famous shipwrecks throughout the area. Then, of course, there are the castles. There are the three structures established by William the Conqueror to celebrate his overthrowing of King Harold and the Saxons. Deal Castle belonged to Henry VIII and was one of his many military bases built in anticipation of a French invasion.

There are also a number of theme parks that can be equally educational and fun. The St. Clements Caves is an exploration that takes visitors into Hastings West Hill. Knockhatch Adventure Park is a world of contact with wildlife and fun activities like laser tag and rock climbing. Even the most affordable lodging in the area can be moss covered beauty, worthy of a snap or three.

You will walk away from Kent with a load of beautiful photographs. With even the simplest camera, you’ll have pictures deserving of display. You could take one of the landscapes, beautiful rivers or gardens on your camera and transform them into a work of art and hanging them on your wall. Or maybe in a gallery!


Dover Castle

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