Source: Historic Kent

Kent has more than its share of magnificent castles, and each one has something special to offer visitors. A tour of these giants will give visitors a deep impression of the notable events and way of life that existed over the past 1,000 years.

  • Leeds Castle dates from 1119 and has been the residence of many royal personages including Queen Elizabeth I and Edward I. It escaped destruction during the civil war.
  • Chiddingstone Castle dates from the early 1600s and is famous for its location on the valley of the river Medway.
  • Dover Castle is considered the most expansive castle in England. It has been important for centuries because of its strategic location and has continuously been used for military operations up through World War II. It is regarded as one of the most important buildings ever built in England.
  • Deal Castle was built for defensive purposes by Henry VIII around 1540 and is considered one of the best fortifications in the country.
  • Chartwell may not be a giant, but the man who lived there was. It has the largest single collection of Winston Churchill’s paintings.

Kent Castles